Getting started.

Help yourself.

Admitting you have a substance abuse problem is a difficult step,but It’s also the first step on your road to recovery.Let's help you Start your journey on the road to recovery.

Help a loved one

At Caretech Medical Center,we have been helping people just like you assist their loved ones in times of need.Get your loved one back on the right path.

Refer someone

Do you know someone who is struggling with substance abuse? help them seek help in order to turn their life around and follow the right path.

  • Our core values
  • Offer Treatment with dignity and respect.
  • Adherence to Ethical practises.
  • Offer Accountability
  • Provide Hope and Restoration to the individual and community suffering from addiction.

About us.

To be the model treatment facility in the management and treatment of addictive disorders through the provision of evidence based services in a homely and therapeutic environment.

To bring positive change in the lives of persons and families affected by addictive disorders.

To guide clients and families into creating a recovery base that is most suited to their particular needs.

Our success is made possible through the multidisplinary team that offers highly personalised services to our service users.

Our services


We provide two sets.

.90 DAY PROGRAMME (Full program)

.6 WEEKS PROGRAMME ( short, intense and tailor made to the individual)

Our residential programme focuses on the whole person and helps service users reflect in a supportive and therapeutic environment.

Primary Treatment – The focus is on introduction to a new way of life without substances.

Secondary Treatment – The focus is on empowering the Service User with

Relapse Prevention – Focus is on helping the Service User identify personal triggers and develop healthy coping strategies.




This comprises of 1 session per day for one and a half hours for 30 days.

Intensive Outpatient

This comprises of 3 sessions per day ,group therapy pschoeducation and individual sessions for 15 days.




Meet the team


Jane Mbugua:
Managing Director

Jane is a social worker by profession with a BA in Social Work and a Masters in Public Health, both in Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK.

During and after her education in the UK, she worked and volunteered in healthcare services for over ten years. Her passion for family and the tragic loss of her brother to alcoholism led her to set up a recovery facility that would address the plight of drug related illnesses, including addictions to alcohol and other substances, as well as offer quality education and awareness of these illnesses.

Central to her priorities is to blur the disparities in the society as well as sensitise the communities about substance use disorder.


Fatuma Musau:
Program Director

Fatuma Musau is a Certified Addiction Professional and Trainer with over 16 years of highly successful background in Addiction Treatment.

She is fully committed to the reality that full recovery from the impact of untreated addiction is possible and draws on her personal experience with addiction and recovery to convey Strength and Hope to clients and their families.

Her goal at CTM is for the service users to leave treatment ready to live life feeling emotionally strong, personally accountable and excited about their on-going journey of recovery. At the core of her believes and values are her absolute convictions that all substance disordered individuals can succeed.